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Mailbag: Should Cowboys Consider Hopkins? 

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (10) runs after a reception against the Dallas Cowboys during an NFL Football game in Arlington, Texas, Monday, Oct. 19, 2020. (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

Do you think the Cowboys should kick the tires on DeAndre Hopkins now that he has been released from the Cardinals? Why not go all in on the offense and bring him in on a one-year deal? – Stephen Smith/Coatesville, PA

Nick Eatman: First of all, I've been a big fan of Hopkins throughout his career, especially if you play fantasy football and he's been on your team. Ok, so maybe not the last couple of seasons because he's been hurt, but when he's healthy, he produces at a high level and it doesn't really matter who's throwing him the ball. That to me, is a sign of a great receiver, when he produces despite changes at quarterback. It shows me he's more than just a system-player who thrives in the offense he's used to. Now, all that said, I don't think this is a good move for the Cowboys. I guess, that's just me assuming that the money is going to be lucrative. I am a little curious as to why no team in the league wanted to at least try to trade for him and then re-work his deal. That shows me that teams have at least inquired about him and know that signing him to a lesser-contract won't be that easy. So money is a big factor right now and considering the Cowboys have about four big contracts to sign in the next few months, I would think they can spend their money in better places. And then you factor in the overall need. Had they not traded for Brandin Cooks, this would be more appealing. But as it stands, they've got an All-Pro in CeeDee Lamb, plus Gallup and Cooks. I need to do the research on this one, but I'd like too see how many teams in the league right now have three receivers who have posted 1,000-yard seasons. The Cowboys have three and that alone, should be good enough to move this offense in the right direction. As tempting as it sounds, I'd pass on that one.

Patrik Walker: Brandin Cooks, that's why. If the second attempt to land Cooks via trade had faltered, as it did in October (this tells you just how badly the Cowboys want him, to try for him twice) then sure, I presume Dallas would be in on trying to land Hopkins much like they were in trying to land OBJ before moving on to T.Y. Hilton. But with Cooks in the fold and Gallup trending toward being back in prime form, and CeeDee Lamb being your definitive WR1, there's no reason the Cowboys will want to get into a bidding war to land Hopkins now; and his hangout session with Dez Bryant prior to his release isn't going to change that fact. The team has several big contract negotiations coming up (Lamb, Diggs, Parsons, etc) and they'll need every bit of their coin to get those locked down. Dropping a big bag on Hopkins (don't kid yourselves, he's not taking a discount to see fewer reps in Dallas now that he's FREE TO CHOOSE) doesn't make any sense financially, and doesn't make enough sense — roster-wise — right now. He'll have better opportunity, playing time and salary, elsewhere.

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