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Mailbag: Should Cowboys Use Same Plan For Dak?


It seems to me this team is built to play conservatively on offense while taking occasional deep shots to keep defenses honest, then relying on the defense to play well and hope to win the time of possession battle. With that being said, do you think the Cowboys will stay with that game plan when Dak Prescott returns, assuming it continues to work with Cooper Rush at the helm? – MATT MARTIN

Nick: They need to do that if they want to win. Even with Michael Gallup coming back, this offense isn't built to sling the ball around the yard, regardless if Dak has a healthy two thumbs or not. This is a defensive-minded football team right now with their best players on that side of the ball. And there's nothing wrong with that approach. Many teams are built this way and those teams are successful. Right now, the defense has held the Bucs and Bengals to a total of 36 points. That's good enough to win football games and I believe the offense will stay somewhat balanced and not take too many risks. With this defense they don't have to.

Patrik: I believe they stick with it because it was the plan going into Week 1 as much as it was going into Week 2 – the difference being their commitment to seeing the plan through. Had they done so against the Bucs, they're likely 2-0 at this point, so don't expect anything to change just yet; and especially with the WR group still feeling its way through the early part of the season. Michael Gallup returning soon will help them stretch the field successfully, and probably attempt it a bit more often, but the plan has to remain using Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard as the stabilizing force to set up the passing attack – keeping pressure off of Cooper Rush and Dak Prescott (who might need a moment to get to prime form).

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