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Mailbag: Should Dak Prescott run the ball more? 


Dak Prescott needs to run the ball more! Not necessarily tuck and run. As a franchise quarterback, you have to pick and choose. And I think he can. He's definitely trustworthy enough since his injury. I'm more lobbying for the read-option and red-zone threat that we saw from the Dak of old. A mobile-threat Dak was very efficient. Balance is going to be so important.Nathan Mattison/Glen Falls, NY

Nick Eatman: He's just got to be a baller - plain and simple. The reason he carried Mississippi State on his back is because he literally carried the ball more. He was a runner and a thrower and just a winner. Obviously, the SEC is not the NFL, but it's not that far off. To me, when Dak is at his best, it's when he's just being a football player - using his natural instincts. But I do believe in stats as well. He's run the ball more than five times in a game 21 times in his career. In those games, the Cowboys are 16-5. I think that's probably not by accident. When he's running, the chains are moving and the Cowboys are scoring more and more. Sure, you have to be careful with injuries but at this point, he's got to do whatever it takes to be the most successful and I think that means taking off and running when it's there.

Mickey: Sounds great but be careful what you wish for. I have no problem with Dak running the football, but sure don't want to overdo it. I mean, have we already forgotten the devastating injury he suffered in 2020 "running" the football? My answer now will be the same as it was last year. Have no problem allowing him to run called plays or read options inside the red zone or even closer inside the 10. The impacts seem less dangerous in such confined areas. But don't want him freewheeling too much in open space, too competitive for that. He is too valuable under center to carelessly lose him because of purposely called running plays. Dak ran the ball 45 times last year but remember missed five games. Only once in his career he's run the ball more than 57 times in a season, that was 75 in 2018. Too much. Averaging around three to four a game is plenty, especially if a couple of those is avoiding a pass rush.

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