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Mailbag: Should DC job have stayed in-house?


I must admit that while Aden Durde was listed as a candidate for the Cowboys' defensive coordinator job, I didn't really think he was a legitimate option. But now that the Seahawks have hired him as their DC, it makes me wonder did I, and more importantly did the Cowboys, miss out on something here? Would going with an in-house choice been better to keep some continuity with the defense? Especially with Mike McCarthy being in the last year of his contract? – Chuck Murphy/Denton, TX

Nick Harris: Aden Durde was a legitimate contender to Mike Zimmer to land the defensive coordinator job. He knocked his interview out of the park, and he did the same thing in Seattle to land that job. But with what the Cowboys are looking for in 2024 and potentially beyond, having a defensive coordinator that can control the entirety of the defense and bring in a proven product is just more rational than welcoming in a first-year coordinator who would be starting mostly from scratch. Not to say that I don't think Durde would have been capable, but having the peace of mind of giving Zimmer control of that side of the ball probably just plays better at the end of the day.

Mickey: Well, you hit on something about Mike McCarthy currently on the last year of his contract. Couple of things. Do you want to take your chances on a first-time defensive coordinator when on the last year of your contract or would you rather bring in an experienced candidate? Also, if you are Aden Durde, and I'm not saying he might have had a choice, but if he did, would you stay where you are knowing Mike is on the final year of his contract or would you go with newly hired Seattle head coach Mike Macdonald who has a six-year deal? Security does mean something. And I'm sure the same thoughts went through Joe Whitt Jr.'s mind heading off to Washington with Dan Quinn. On top of all that, don't sell Mike Zimmer short. He's a darn good defensive coordinator, and just maybe this defense needed a new voice.

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