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Mailbag: Should Guyton work with first team?


Why has Tyler Guyton and perhaps to a lesser degree Cooper Beebe been working with the second-team offensive line? Obviously, the Cowboys expect Guyton to be a starter, so wouldn't it make sense to get him as much work as possible with the first unit, especially since he's also switching from right tackle to left tackle? Every rep counts. – Will Garcia/Albuquerque, NM

Nick Harris: While the expectation is that Guyton will start in week one, easing him into the building is the smartest play at this juncture. For Guyton and Beebe, it allows them to get as many reps as possible whenever the team splits between the first and second units rather than split reps with Brock Hoffman/T.J. Bass and Chuma Edoga. It allows them to get comfortable with the additional reps and their new responsibilities. It's also important to remember that these guys are learning new positions up front and what all that entails in the NFL. Easing them in before throwing them in the deep end at training camp is the best route.

Mickey Spagnola: Here is how this usually works with coaches. At this time of year, they defer team status to the more veteran players, and that's why you see Chuma Edoga playing with the first team at left tackle and Brock Hoffman at center. You just don't want to hand jobs to rookies. Want them to earn their way. Plus, this is just the learning portion of their development. They are getting reps with the second team, and since there is no contact taking place, really doesn't matter first or second team, just as long as they are getting snaps. My guess is when they get up to speed in training camp, you'll see those rookies get some first team snaps. But, bottom line: You want them to earn it first.

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