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Mailbag: Should Harris Compete For The No. 2 Spot?

Dwayne Harris looks like a big time playmaker at receiver. Do you think it is time to move him to starter over Miles Austin?

Nick: Whoa, let's slow down just a bit. I think he looks like a playmaker on punt returns and a guy who is still learning how to become a good receiver. I don't think I'm replacing Austin with Harris right now. Don't get me wrong – I like Harris and think he's got a lot of potential. But I would say let's see how he holds up as the No. 3 receiver this year.

Rowan: I don't think that drastic of a move can be made with confidence yet. Harris demonstrated he can be a real threat as a third receiver after displaying what he could provide on special teams. I see no reason for him to lose his job in the return game, but it would be a real risk to assume he could handle the responsibilities of a second receiver in the NFL this quickly. The current role he's in might make the most sense for now.

Should the Cowboys look into getting a short yardage and goal line running back?

Nick: I don't think it'd be the worst idea. DeMarco Murray is probably the best one you've got but right now, he's also the best third-down back and starting back. This team just needs more help at the running back spot. Whether he's a pass-catcher, a blocker, or a big thumper back, they just need more depth somewhere at running back.

Rowan: I'd be more inclined to take another every down type back. If that guy also happens to be a bruiser who can get a needed yard or two near the goal line, then so be it. The backup to Murray this year will need to be addressed, but rather than a change of pace back, the Cowboys might look for a player they could plug in regularly, considering that backup may need to fill in for at least a game or two as the primary back if Murray's injuries persist throughout his career.

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