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Mailbag: Should Jenkins Have Been Traded For OL Help?


Now that we are nearing the end of the season, do you think it was a mistake for the Cowboys to not have traded Mike Jenkins for possibly some offensive line help?

Bryan: Always hindsight here but would they have gone for offensive line help or just got the draft pick? My two cents, they would have gotten the draft pick which they could have used probably in this draft. I personally think they did the right thing. There was no guarantee that Claiborne was going to be ready to play from the word "go". They are now going to need Jenkins these next five weeks to play nickel and I would take my chances with him more than anyone else they have on this roster for that spot.

Rowan: The Cowboys knew going into the season the likelihood of a cornerback going down at some point was pretty high. With Orlando Scandrick's injury, the Cowboys now have the luxury of sticking in a cornerback who was starting for them just last year. The front office clearly thought their offensive line issues could be at least temporarily solved by free agent acquisitions. Obviously, that hasn't been the case, but now Jenkins' role becomes vital the rest of the year.


Give me a reason to be hopeful for the future? Seems like we have no cap room, underperforming players who will need to be cut and the best players on defense are seriously hurt.

Bryan: I'm not going to try and pump sunshine here but you make some interesting points. This is not going to be easy by any means. There are some serious questions facing this team going forward and it could start on New Year's Eve or after this team moves on to other games. Your hope has to be that this draft will bring more than just one or two players into the mix. This team needs a draft like it had in 2005 with plenty more hits than misses and talking to guys in this front office, they know that is a real pressure they face, but they really have no choice to try and fix these areas that trouble this team.

Rowan: You've got a first-round pick at cornerback who should only progress the next few years. Your most talented offensive lineman is still only 21 years old. Dez Bryant finally seems to be developing into the kind of talent the Cowboys had hoped the last few years. If DeMarco Murray can stay healthy, he's displayed what kind of ability he has. The same goes for the two inside linebackers on injured reserve, who should make a brilliant tandem for years to come. These players offer hope for the future, but what happens in next year's draft and how the players from this year's draft develop will play a crucial role in the team's future success.

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