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Mailbag: Should Turpin Get More Offensive Snaps?


Why do you think KaVontae Turpin has not gotten any offensive snaps at wide receiver, as explosive as he can be and coming off the USFL season he had? It would seem Turpin, Tony Pollard, CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup all on the field at the same time would be an enticing combo for whomever was in at quarterback. I was surprised to look at stats and see Turpin hasn't logged a single catch yet this season. – KEN / ALLEN, TX

Nick: I wish I knew the answer to that. I've always begged to get a speedy threat like this on the team, but I guess I just assumed he would be used. That hasn't happened right now and there could be plenty of reasons for it. Maybe he doesn't know the offense has well as the Cowboys would like, but he seemed ready for a few snaps in Week 1. So, he should be even better at this point. I just feel like his speed should be utilized, even as a decoy. That kind of anility would scare other teams enough to play honest. I think Turpin should get a lot more reps, even if he's not getting the ball every time.

Patrik: I'm a vocal advocate for Turpin getting reps on offense, up to and including this week as the team prepares for the Eagles. I don't think there's a better time than Week 6 to take dip into that part of the playbook because, make no mistake about it, there's a portion of it dedicated to Turpin on offense. I believe the return of Michael Gallup and the impact of Noah Brown lessens the chance of Turpin getting targets (and tight ends need love, too), and maybe the team is mitigating risk – knowing their special teams would be decimated if he were to be hurt on a pass play.

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