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Mailbag: Sliding Prospects & Mock Draft Grades

Views from the Dallas Cowboys Draft War Room during the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft at Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas.

With WR D.K. Metcalf dropping to the second round, where do you think he will eventually land? What do you think about Dallas trading up for him? He seems to be a generational type talent and would arguably provide a huge boost to the red zone offense. - J.M. SMITH / ST. CHARLES, MD

Bryan: I had him in the second all along. Don't agree about generational type of talent but a good player. His Ole Miss teammate A.J. Brown might end up as a better pro. Will likely go in the middle of the second round. 

Rob: I like what you said about helping the red zone offense. And I wouldn't have a problem with at all with the Cowboys drafting a receiver in the second round if the value was there. However, I've got a hard time seeing Metcalf slip to the back half of the second round.

I'm REALLY surprised reading your mock drafts. You guys go on and on about not window dressing your board each of you addressed (perceivable) needs in the secondary and D-Line with your first two picks. What happened to best player available? I like the BPA approach and it's served them well the last five years. - COLLIN CLARK / TRENTON, TX

Bryan: You don't understand the term windowing dressing. That's putting a player in a spot where he doesn't deserve to get drafted because you have a need. I have Joejuan Williams as the 47th best player on my board. I took the best player on my board.

Rob: When doing these mocks, it's tough to go 'best player available' without a clue as to who might be left at 58. I mocked L.J. Collier in the second round on the premise that he might fall somewhere in the Cowboys' range. Obviously that didn't happen, but that was a "BPA" type of guess. Defensive end isn't exactly a glaring need anymore with Robert Quinn in the fold and DeMarcus Lawrence re-signed. I did address safety in the third round because that's a position where a top prospect can at least come in and compete right away.

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