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Mailbag: Smart to sign both Prescott, Lamb?


Should the Cowboys devote so many cap dollars to a QB1 and WR1? If you have a quarterback getting elite money, the quarterback should make the receivers better. If you have a quarterback on a cheap deal, an elite wide receiver can help the quarterback grow. The Cowboys probably can find a way to sign both Lamb and Prescott, but should they? – Brian Sambirsky/Erie, CO

Nick Harris: I think they should, without a doubt. With Dak, it is so hard to find a franchise quarterback in this league, and I think at times the Cowboys have been spoiled with not having to go through the quarterback purgatory that so many teams in the league suffer for years upon a time. The Romo era led right into the Dak era, and if the Cowboys move on from Dak, it won't be as easy to find the next era. With CeeDee, there is a top five offensive weapon in the league that resides in his talents and he's shown durability and leadership throughout his time in Dallas. He is a guy you want long-term. I understand maybe being hesitant about putting so much money into two guys, but I think it makes sense in this situation.

Mickey: Yes, they should, but for the right amount of money. Don't think they need to establish a higher market value than there already is for these two positions, but you win in this league with elite players. And I don't agree one position can make a lesser position better than they are. Don't think I've ever witnessed an elite receiver making an average quarterback better than average. Don't think it works that way. And think it is unfair to a quarterback to assume he can make average receivers that much better. Would be great if that would work out that way but thinking that seldom happens. The Cowboys obviously didn't think that way. In 1999 the Cowboys top three receivers were Rocket Ismail, Ernie Mills near the end of his career and Jason Tucker. Even with Troy Aikman at quarterback and after losing Michael Irvin in the fourth game for his career, the offense struggled, the passing offense finishing 24th, lowest since 1990. And that is why the Cowboys traded two first round picks in 2000 for WR Joey Galloway. Unfortunately, in the season opener that year Galloway suffered a torn ACL, done for the season and the passing offense dropped to 28th on what turned out to be the Hall of Fame quarterback's final NFL season.

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