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Mailbag: Someone Suggested Trading Gallup?


I heard an interesting question on a TV show this morning that I thought would be a great question you guys, local Dallas Cowboys media. Do you think the locker room would start to turn on Dak if they cannot get a deal done and he chose to hold out of camp, preseason, and even regular season games? — JOSH HANSON / SAN ANTONIO, TX

David: This goes back to a point I've tried to make several times about the nature of the franchise tag. If the two sides can't agree to a deal by July 15, then it's impossible to negotiate further until the 2020 season is over. If they miss the deadline, the Cowboys couldn't extend Dak if they wanted to. With that in mind, it makes very little sense for Dak to hold out. All he'd be doing is hurting his own bottom line for an extension that he can't get. So to answer the question, I can't see the locker room turning on Dak, because I can't see Dak staging a hold out.

Jonny: Locker rooms are pretty delicate environments, and even though media is allowed in them, we don't actually know much about the dynamics because that's all established by the work they are putting in with each other and the way they support each other during games, practices, or just in life. Anything is always possible. But the situation you described would shock me. I do feel confident saying those guys respect Dak for what the work he puts in and the way he treats his teammates. Plus, these guys are going to be busy acclimating to a new coaching staff with cultural tweaks. It's going to be exciting for them, and if they're winning, it'll stay exciting.

What's the deal with Michael Gallup? Have the Cowboys given up on him or is he in the dog house? I've been hearing rumors of him being part of a trade. Thought he was progressing nicely from last year with a 1,000 yard season. It would be a shame, with all the work put in. — STEPHEN GRAYSON / GREENVILLE, MS

David: This is why you shouldn't believe everything you see on social media. A New York-based writer suggested Gallup's name as part of a hyopthetical Cowboys-Jets trade for Jamal Adams. Obviously, because the Cowboys are so popular, people ran with it. Gallup isn't in the dog house, and I don't think the team has any interest in trading him. I don't have a problem with people speculating and proposing various trade scenarios, but that doesn't mean we have to take it as news. I expect Michael Gallup to be a huge part of the Cowboys' offense this year.

Jonny: I have not heard that Gallup is in the dog house from anyone who would have any insight on the matter. Two months ago, I would have pegged him to have a pretty huge season, building on his success you mentioned last year. The drafting of CeeDee Lamb might affect his overall statistics, but Gallup is still the number two receiver. Cooper is the best receiver and Lamb is the exciting rookie. But the Cowboys have one of the three best receiving corps in the NFL and that is just flat out not true if you took Gallup out of the equation.

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