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Mailbag: Still Waiting For Word On Randy Gregory?




There seems to be more interest in the supplemental draft this year than I can remember. Sam Beal from Western Michigan seems to be the "safest" prospect. Will the Cowboys be involved and possibly submit a mid-round pick?

Bryan: Talking to some folks in the front office they like the quality of the players in this draft. Sam Beal and Adonis Alexander from Virginia Tech would make the most sense. I would consider playing Alexander at free safety. With that being said, my gut feeling is that with the current players on the roster that they would likely pass on this group.

David: This is easily the most I have heard about a supplemental draft in recent memory, so I agree with you. At the same time, I doubt the Cowboys are going to go hard after one of these guys. My guess is they would rather hold onto their draft picks to use in the future.



Does anybody know when we are supposed to receive the ruling on Randy Gregory? It really seems lime the NFL is dragging their feet on it.

Bryan: I expect that one Friday afternoon before camps open (July 13th or 20th) we will hear about Randy Gregory. As always, the league will do it on their schedule and not ours.

David: As we all understand by now, the NFL does what it wants on its own timeline – not anyone else's. I assume we're going to here something by the time the team gets to California, but anything else is just blind speculation.

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