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Mailbag: Surprised That Cooper Rush Returned?


I have to admit that I was surprised Cooper Rush came back. I thought either he'd find more money somewhere else, or the team might be good trying someone new. Especially with Will Grier also on the roster and Jerry Jones saying they would likely draft a quarterback. Were you surprised? What are your thoughts on the Cowboys re-signing him? – Freddy White/ Wichita, KS

Patrik: I, too, am a bit surprised but not entirely, and here's why: I said for weeks ahead of free agency that it would probably take an offer Rush couldn't refuse to peel him away from the Cowboys. I believe(d) Rush felt he was/is in the best possible situation for himself, and he was careful to not go chasing greener pastures that, in reality, might've been contaminated with pesticides. In other words, what if he takes the bigger contract but things don't pan out and he's released one year from now from his new team — the Cowboys having moved on by that point? His fit in Dallas is perfect and it gives the team insurance should Will Grier not take steps forward this offseason — keeping in mind he was lights-out in 2022 camp before injury — and I don't believe they're out on drafting a quarterback in April. It was a no-brainer to try and keep Rush if he wanted to stay, and he did, so high fives all around.

Nick: From the sound of things, the Cowboys got pretty lucky that he returned. He was getting close to taking another offer with either the Raiders or Bengals. But I don't think he ever really wanted to leave. And sometimes, just comfort alone is hard to beat. Cooper Rush is a solid backup that is a proven winner. So while we all thought it was close last year with Will Grier, it's going to be even tougher now considering Rush has won so many games as a starter. Yes, they might draft a QB as well, but I find it hard to believe he won't be the No. 2 QB here next year.

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