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Mailbag: T.J. Vasher Update? Trade Back On Day 3?


I know T.J. Vasher is still on the roster. With Dallas losing Amari Cooper and Ced Wilson and having a glaring need at wide receiver, do you think he has a chance to make the roster? The man's college film is awesome and he measured at 6'6 with an 84-inch wingspan during his college pro day. — TRAVIS NORMAN / CLINTON, IA

Nick: I wouldn't rule anyone out at this point, especially at wide receiver. There is a reason the Cowboys chose to keep him all year long although he was on IR. His athleticism is freaky good. He's a player I've heard about for years with my ties to Wichita Falls. If he gets out there on the field and has a chance to compete, I think he's got a decent shot to make the team but only if he can stand out. And to do that, he's going to have to play to his size and be a jump-ball catcher. Right now, the Cowboys don't have that guy on the roster other than CeeDee Lamb.

David: Vasher's size and athleticism are freaky and undeniable. Unfortunately, we don't know much else because he missed the entire year due to injury. I'm excited to see what he can show us when OTAs ramp up, and then we'll get a real look during training camp. The Cowboys aren't afraid to keep six receivers on the final roster, so I definitely don't want to count him out. It is fair to point out that it might depend on how many receivers they draft, though. This is a team that prefers to protect its draft picks when it's possible.

In the debate of "trade up or down" and considering the depth of players available for this year's draft due to COVID, it seems more likely that there will be plenty of Day 3 players that will contribute this year. Given Dallas' track record of UDFA scouting, can you see a scenario of trading back for more late round picks this year to secure some of those fringe picks? — IMARCO ASPAAS / VANCOUVER, WA

Nick: I can see the Cowboys getting more picks in the last round, but not for the reason you mentioned. I just don't think they're OK with not having a pick in the seventh round. Right now, they have four in the fifth, one in the sixth and none in the seventh. I'll be shocked if it stays that way. The Cowboys will do some moving around – both up and down. But I don't think it'll be to secure rookie free agents. They do a great job in that department regardless what they have in the seventh.

David: I would keep in mind that they already have six picks on Day 3, so they already have quite a few late-round selections to work with. I will say, I don't think they like going an entire round without picking, and they currently do not have a seventh-round pick. Maybe we'll see them trade away from one of those fifth-round picks so they can gain back a seventh. It wouldn't surprise me to see some minor maneuvering like that on Saturday afternoon.

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