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Mailbag: Team's Potential Under Mike McCarthy?


Do you feel that we are still in a "win now" mentality, or is this more of a rebuild with new coaches, players and scheme? - LES HOFFMAN / PELL CITY, AL

Rob: Absolutely a win now mentality. Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones said Wednesday the team is still "bullish" about their roster. Obviously there will be a transition with new coaches and concepts. And there are questions that have to be answered regarding upcoming free agents. But McCarthy was an attractive candidate in part because he's a proven winner at this level and the organization still believes it has the players to contend now.

Lindsay: Win now, without a doubt. There will definitely be some shakeups with so many free agents on this roster, but Mike McCarthy said in his introductory press conference that this offense will be built around the success of the quarterback; they believe they have the pieces in place, just need to put them all together.

In my opinion, we missed Tyrone Crawford this year. I feel like when you have a good one or three technique tackle, it makes the whole defense better. Thoughts? - OSCAR SEGOVIA / GARDEN GROVE, CA

Rob: I agree. I also think the team missed Crawford's leadership this season. He had surgery on both his hips this season, so there's a recovery process he must continue this offseason. But he still has one year left on his current contract and when he's healthy he's versatile enough to play any type of scheme, in my opinion.

Lindsay: Ding ding ding! You nailed it, Oscar. I knew Crawford was important to this team for his position flex, but I didn't realize he'd be missed so much for that and his locker room leadership. If he heals up properly, I hope they bring him back next year.

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