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Mailbag: Texas Coast offense after six games?


Now that the Cowboys have played six games with the new "Texas Coast" offense, what are your thoughts on it? Is it still evolving? Or is it destined for an overhaul? – Charles Edgar/Colorado Springs, CO

Nick Harris: We have a large sample size on what this offense can bring to the table, and I've been left wanting more each time I walk away from a game. I want more explosion, more utilization of all receiving weapons and more creativity with Tony Pollard rather than running him downhill. I think there are aspects that are evolving, especially when you look at Dallas leaning on Brandin Cooks for the first time the season late in the game against the Chargers. I'm losing a little bit of confidence on it being successful long-term, but there are still avenues open and things that I have seen that lead me to believe that I can be proven otherwise. I think there just has to be a bigger emphasis on creativity in the red zone coming out of the bye week as well as getting the ball in the hands of the playmakers a lot more often.

Mickey:Charles, I'll give this version of the Cowboys offense a better chance than just six games., four of those on the road. Let's see going forward. Dak Prescott played his best game of the season against the Chargers. Now can they build on that performance coming out of the bye. Not sure whatever Coast offense they are playing should impact the play of their offensive line. Finally, the projected starting five are back together for these past two games. But they played as if they had not had a lot of practice together, and they hadn't. But the run blocking and the pass blocking must improve so the skill players can shine. We will get a better indication where this offense is over these next three weeks, having to play the Rams, Eagles and Giants. Pretty difficult to work on a specific style of offense all offseason and training camp then in a week do an overhaul the whole thing, don't you think. But it must improve.

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