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Mailbag: The Cost Of Moving Up In The Draft?


If the Cowboys were to see an attractive prospect still available in the middle of the second round, what would it cost them to move up say 15 notches in the second round? - AMEER BHUTTO

Bryan: If the Cowboys wanted to make a jump, say to 45th from their spot at 58, it would cost them No. 90. If you make that move you're going for a specific player and not a position.

Rob: Agree with Bryan. Can't rule anything out, but it's worth noting that the Cowboys have pretty much sat and picked in the early rounds for the past four drafts. The last time they moved up in the second round was for DeMarcus Lawrence in 2014, and it cost them their second- and third-rounder that year to jump 13 spots.


How high of a ceiling do you guys see in Michael Gallup? Is there a possibility front office won't re-sign Cooper until midseason, like play the waiting game to see if Gallup could produce like a top 15 WR1? - SONG NGUYEN / FOREST, MS

Bryan: I don't see the front office waiting to sign Amari Cooper. Michael Gallup has a real chance to develop, but to think he will be better than Cooper is a stretch to me.

Rob: If the Cooper deal isn't done by midseason, it won't be because of Gallup. I said back in training camp that Gallup can be a productive starter in this league, and he showed more and more flashes of that potential as the season went on. But I don't think there's any question Cooper will get paid. He's among the NFL's very best receivers. You don't trade a first-round pick for a player without having him part of your long-term plans.

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