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Mailbag: "The Last Dance" & The Dallas Cowboys?


Since watching "The Last Dance, I believe the '90s Cowboys deserve the same doc treatment. The era had so many characters (Jerry Jones, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Charles Haley, Deion Sanders, etc.) and topics to go in-depth on and delve into. America's Team winning three Super Bowl titles and everything in between would make for great television. Do you think we will ever see a documentary on the scale of the Last Dance about the '90s Cowboys? KYLE LEINEN / DES MOINES, IA

Rob: I'd love to see it. It's probably the best material the NFL has for a 10-hour series on any team: quite possibly the greatest group ever assembled, accompanied by its share of drama. The Barry Switzer documentary we produced last year just scratched the surface of that unprecedented run. With "The Last Dance," the crew got unlimited access for an entire season. I'm not sure anyone had that here during the '90s. But there's still a fascinating story to be told.

David: To piggyback off what Rob said, I'm just not sure the access would be the same. The Chicago Bulls gave a staggering amount of access to that film crew, which gave "The Last Dance" an impressive amount of behind-the-scenes content. Obviously, a comprehensive documentary about the 1990s Dallas Cowboys would still be incredible. I think it would be the single most interesting team you could tell a story about right now.

Jaylon Smith has the speed and desire to rush the passer. Does he have the skills and size to come off the edge or should he be only a blitzer at the NFL level? JAMES RAMSEY / GREENSBORO, NC

Rob: Do I expect him to transition to a hand-on-the-ground, edge-rushing defensive end? No. I think he's a linebacker with skills as a situational pass rusher. If in fact the Cowboys evolve into more of a multiple front, then he's suited well for that because he can line up in a couple different spots. He doesn't have to be one or the other 100 percent of the time.

David: If Jaylon was going to be a full-time pass rusher, I think it would have to be in a 3-4 package – and the Cowboys still seem to view themselves as a 4-3 defense. Hopefully, Mike Nolan can come up with multiple new ways for Jaylon to rush the passer, because he's clearly pretty good at it. But I still view him as a traditional linebacker more so than a pass rusher.

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