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Mailbag: The Speed Element; All-Time WR Group?


How importance is the depth at WR this offseason for installing the deep ball passing game with this offense? Do you see them carrying extra long-speed receivers on the 53-man roster or practice squad to keep that going during the season? - LANDON CABELL

Bryan: I really don't see them carrying a guy at receiver just because he can run. This team will take their shots but I primarily believe they're going to work to get the ball into the hands of these receivers on the move and let their ability to use run after catch as that weapon. Dak Prescott's accuracy has improved, so what better way to allow him to play that way.

Rob: I don't think speed will be the only factor in deciding the wide receiver group, but it's an important quality. To your point, receivers coach Sanjay Lal says it's so vital to stretch the defense deep because everything else (comebacks, slants, etc.) is easier if you have that vertical threat. It's no coincidence that their two undrafted receivers, Jalen Guyton and Jon'Vea Johnson, can get down the field in a hurry. Whether either makes the team remains to be seen.


The Cowboys have historically great wide receivers. Who would you pick as your starting Z, X, and slot receiver using any WR that has ever played for Dallas based solely on skill? Feel free to throw in the Y just for fun. Mine would be Michael Irvin at Z, T.O. at X, Bob Hayes in the slot, and Jason Witten at Y. - TANNER CARLSON

Bryan: Michael Irvin would be my X. Dez Bryant at Z and Drew Pearson in the slot with Jason Witten at the Y. It might not be the perfect fit all around but my guys would catch a million balls.

Rob: Three Hall of Famers and a future one? Not bad. Hard to argue. I might flip Irvin and Owens, and I'd round out that all-time depth chart with Drew Pearson and Dez Bryant.

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