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Mailbag: Thinking behind using Turpin more?


I was surprised how Mike McCarthy utilized KaVontae Turpin in the offense. I thought he might be limited again to just the return game, and if any "small" guy got a carry it would be Deuce Vaughn. I like it, but what's the thinking behind getting Turpin more involved? – Brian Simpson/San Antonio, TX

Patrik: It's something that's been two offseasons in the making. The team wanted to utilize Turpin more in 2022, as a rookie, but he couldn't afford the added work when you consider he literally had no break between an MVP season in the USFL to joining the Cowboys in training camp. He was then not only their ace returner, but their only impact returner (Rico Dowdle was eventually injured and there was no Deuce Vaughn, and the days of risking CeeDee Lamb as a returner are thankfully over). This time around, not only is Turpin rested and fully charged, but Vaughn is around for insurance as a returner. So seeing Turpin carry the ball three times and averaging 4.7 yards per game (only 0.3 fewer than Tony Pollard) and targeted three times shows he'll be yet another offensive weapon for the Cowboys going forward — a plan that took two years to take effect. That said, you'll see Vaughn mixed in going forward, as you nearly did a time or two early in the game against the Giants (before a Daboll timeout changed things).

Nick Harris: Getting the ball in the hands of playmakers is what this offense is predicated on -- and it's even more predicated on getting the ball in their hands as quickly as possible. Handing the ball off to KaVontae Turpin allows one of your most dangerous skill players to potentially get in the open field or for him to fly through small holes on the goal line for scores like we saw on Sunday night. Even though he only had five touches on offense, it definitely felt like a lot more with the gravity of the opportunities he had. I'd still only expect him to get utilized about that much, but still expect him to have those short scoring opportunities.

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