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Mailbag: Three Cowboys Finalists Hurt Woodson?


Do you think the fact that three Cowboys were finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year hurt Darren Woodson's chances at getting in? I don't know why Chuck Howley wasn't in already and DeMarcus Ware should have gone in last year. So putting three Cowboys in at the same time was not going to happen and Woodson was the odd man out. – Walter DeBell/Troy, NY

Nick: I think that was part of the issue. It definitely didn't help him. But I really don't think – even if Ware and Howley didn't make it his year – that Woodson was going to get in. It's just a cycle for these guys that are on the doorstep. You just don't see them wait and wait and wait as long as Woodson did – and then get in right away. He has to get into the finalist room for a few years, and then it'll take some time for him to make it. I think Woodson will make it over the next 2-3 years, but just not right away. But yes, the fact D-Ware and Howley made it, didn't help his chances at all.

Kurt: I think it's safe to say that having three Cowboys finalists certainly didn't help Woodson's chances any. Yes, you'd like to think that the Hall of Fame Selection Committee wouldn't take that into consideration, but with so many worthy players throughout the NFL, inducting three from one team in the same class admittedly seems hard to justify. And while at one time there was a case to be made that many Dallas greats were being overlooked for whatever reason, the Hall of Fame has done a nice job of rectifying some of those past wrongs. Since 2006, 15 Cowboys have been enshrined, including an earlier generation of greats like Rayfield Wright, Gil Brandt, Cliff Harris, Drew Pearson and now Howley. As far as Woodson, him not getting in this year is truly unfortunate, but his time will come. There are safeties in the Hall of Fame already who clearly do not have his credentials. Considering that, hopefully we'll see his bust in Canton, Ohio, sooner rather than later.

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