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Mailbag: Tight ends' pass-catching a concern?


I don't want to put a damper on what was an impressive blowout win, but the negative that stood out to me was the passes that the tight ends failed to haul in. I know the rainy night played a part, but is this a concern at all going forward? – Joey Langton/Many, LA

Nick Harris: I wouldn't necessarily call this a concern right now, but I would characterize it as something I'm keeping a closer eye on going into week two. In Jake Ferguson's case specifically, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt after hauling in every single target that he had last year from Dak Prescott. Sunday night is an exception to what has so far been a sure-handed young career from Ferguson. For Hendershot, his receiving abilities remain reliable in my book because, again, what we saw throughout the course of last year. Going into week two with the rain not playing a factor, I expect the tight end group to have a better day. They're a well-coached group with potential to get better with every game that passes this season.

Mickey: Not a concern yet. These guys have been really good so far catching the ball all through training camp. This appears to be a first-time thing. Maybe the weather played a factor into the drops. Heck, the Giants had a heckuva problem hanging onto the football. Maybe it was first game, atmosphere jitters. We'll see. But you are right, those were not just drops, but touchdown drops. Got to be better than that.

Nick Eatman: It hasn't been a concern at Oxnard, where the weather was pretty perfect and the defense they were facing was a lot better. So for now, I would not be concerned by that. And we know Dak will throw the ball to the tight ends so I'm sure this will be a non-issue moving forward. If Brandin Cooks and CeeDee Lamb are going to be the playmakers we think they're going to be for this offense, and Tony Pollard and the other backs showcase their speed, the tight ends are going to be open and stay open. I still think Ferguson is going to get more than 50 catches this season.

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