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Mailbag: Timeline For Dak? Tony Pollard's Camp?


Any concern about Dak's shoulder strain resulting in less cohesion with receivers? — KEVIN SMITH / MOLINE, IL

Rob: I guess it depends on how long Dak doesn't throw, but it doesn't seem like the club is concerned about that based on what we've been told. Remember, they did start camp a week earlier than everyone else. Camp-style practices will continue when the team gets back from Oxnard. And it's still a full five weeks until the season opener. This time off isn't ideal because he was held out of team drills in spring coming off the ankle injury. But there's still plenty of time for he and the offense to get some practice reps together, maybe as early as next week, and possibly a few preseason snaps. But it's clear that the club wants to be very cautious with this shoulder strain, so it's tough to give an exact timetable at this point.

David: Of all the concerns I could have about Dak, that isn't one of them. The guy has a field built into his backyard, and he throws with his receivers on a regular basis throughout the offseason. I'm worried about the injury lingering, but I'm not worried about cohesion.

It is so awesome to hear about CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons lighting up camp and how Zeke has progressed and how great he looks. I am wondering how Tony Pollard has looked so far this offseason? — JASON BUENROSTRO / OREGON, OH

Rob: Tony Pollard has looked like Tony Pollard: explosive, versatile, showing what he can do as a running back and as a receiver out of the backfield. Running backs get overlooked in training camp because team drills aren't live and you can't tell exactly how effective a run was against the defense. But he's off to a good start. Same with Ezekiel Elliott.

David: TP looks great. The same shifty, explosive guy we've gotten used to watching these last two years. My only question about him is how effectively Kellen Moore can get him onto the field and find him a larger role, because he is deserving of one.

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