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Mailbag: Timetable For Okoye? Preparing for McCoy Or Griffin?


How are DeMarcus Lawrence and Amobi Okoye looking so far in their limited reps? I know D. Lawrence is expected back by the Arizona game, but what about Okoye? When is he expected to be ready? What do you think there impact will be when they play?

Bryan: You will see Lawrence before you do Okoye. Lawrence has been working on the scout team these past two weeks and will most likely see more work with the first and second defensive units next week in order to get him ready to play. Okoye just started back on Thursday with the scout team as well and my gut feeling that the front office and coaches are going to take the full three weeks before they determine if he is ready or not. Will most likely see him later than sooner.  

David: Particularly with Okoye, I'm leaning toward "I'll believe it when I see it." His journey just to get back to the practice field has been long and arduous, and I'm sure the Cowboys will want to be cautious with him. If he plays in a game this season, my guess is it won't be until sometime in December – if at all. As for Lawrence, I fully expect him to get some snaps when the Cowboys play the Cardinals in 10 days.


Do you think the Redskins might use this Colt McCoy situation as a smokescreen? I know Gruden said RG3 will either be Starter or Inactive, but if they wait till Monday to call his inactivity and actually start him, would the Boys be unprepared?

[embeddedad0]Bryan: Not at all. Rod Marinelli and this defensive staff will be ready for him if in fact he does start. If you study how they played him against the Texans and what they are doing now it's similar. Have to be ready for the run then the waggle or boot off that.

David: One thing that plays to the Cowboys' advantage is that I doubt Griffin is ready to be the dynamic runner he was in 2012. He's coming off two different leg injuries, and I just can't imagine him burning the Cowboys for a ton of rushing yardage right off the bat. Whoever plays quarterback for Washington is likely going to have to win this game from the pocket, which is good for Dallas.

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