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Mailbag: Too Light Or Heavy On The Roster?


With what appears to be (at least on paper) a very talented team with numerous prospects for this upcoming season, I was curious as to whether there is a specific process or method in determining what positions the team would go heavy in personnel versus light in personnel? There seems to be an abundance of players and possible talent at WR and D-Line on this year's 90-man roster. Any insight or thoughts? - BRYAN SCOTT / RED LION, PA

Bryan: My experience has always been that players tend to cut themselves during camp, making those decisions whether to go long or short at certain positions easier. If a guy makes himself hard to cut, then you might keep him around, which means you adjust. You also might go long at offensive/defensive lines because those positions are hard to find during the season.

Rob: Coaches will tell you they really try to keep the best 53 players when it's time for final cuts. The team's health coming out of preseason will determine a lot, but 'the best 53' is never entirely possible because, to your point, you can't keep 10 receivers even if all deserve to be there. I'll give you another deep position: offensive line. You can go a little heavy at a position, especially if there's a young player you don't want to risk on waivers, but it just means you've got to go light somewhere else.

Reports are coming out saying La'el Collins want to be a Cowboy the remainder of his career. What's the market for right tackle going these days? What are the chances that Collins take a hometown discount and how much would that be? - SONG NGUYEN / FOREST, MS

Bryan: La'el Collins is a good guy and will always say the right thing, but let's be honest, he's going to get paid and it's likely not here. There are already players in place when Collins moves on.

Rob: Trent Brown (Oakland) and Ja'Wuan James (Denver) reset the right tackle market this offseason, though Brown is essentially getting left tackle money at $16.5 million per year, according to (James is next at $12.75 million per year with the Broncos.) I know the popular opinion outside the building is the Cowboys can't afford to keep Collins after this season, but they don't have to make that final decision for eight months or so. Let the season play out.

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