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Mailbag: Too Much Blame On The D-Coordinator?


Why are we blaming the defensive coordinator when he didn't get the front four promised by the GM, injuries caused us to use 19 different linemen, we lose our QB, linebacker and other backers, corners/safeties were out too AND he had to convert a 3-4 personnel to a 4-3? I know injuries can't be an excuse, but there has to be an exception for the ridiculous?

Nick: I don't know about anything "promised" to him. Injuries happen and yes they happened last year. If he gets a pass this year, it'll be for that reason. But at some point, you can't be as awful as they were. Seriously? The Bears with a backup quarterback in single-digit weather and they never punt? You want your team to be great sometimes, good most of the time but always, always competitive. And there were too many times when they just weren't.

Rowan:Once again, I'll say there was no exception for the last defensive coordinator who lost his job after an injury-riddled season. That didn't save Rob Ryan, and I don't know why [embedded_ad] this situation is much different. The personnel wasn't there, but you mentioned that can't be offered as an excuse to being the worst defense in the team's history. As ridiculous as it may have been, someone has to be held accountable for a third straight 8-8 year.

With Ware's age and injuries now starting to hamper him, don't the Cowboys need to find someone who can spell him and give him a break from time to time?

Nick: Yeah, sounds good. Get the veteran defensive end some help. I think you draft a defensive end/pass rusher in the first two rounds. And I would do that if Ware was 100 percent healthy and Spencer was coming back, too. You never can have enough guys to get to the quarterback.

Rowan: Yes. The same way the Cowboys entered last draft in need of offensive linemen, they'll head into this one needing depth all along the defensive line, particularly if Anthony Spencer and/or Jason Hatcher aren't back. I think interior linemen are more of a necessity right now, but a pass rusher to go along with Ware and George Selvie is a need.

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