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Mailbag: Toughest Roster Cut Decisions?


As I'm trying to figure out the 53-man roster, I'm having a ton of consternation at the bottom. There's several that won't make the cut that I'm worried about getting signed by other teams while we wait to put guys on IR that can come back later in the season. Who are some that you don't think will make it but may get playing time elsewhere this season? –GREG GLOVER / MYRTLE BEACH, SC

Nick: One thing I've learned more and more each year, the guys you think will never make it through waivers, usually make it back and are on the practice squad. The one exception is probably the defensive line. I think the Cowboys have 11-12 guys they really like and will probably only keep 10. They're probably looking at trade options right now to see if other teams have a need there. Maybe you get another pick or maybe they've got depth at spots the Cowboys need, such as offensive line and maybe linebacker or receiver. But there's really not any player - not a quarterback, running back, receiver, tight end, linemen or even a cornerback that might get cut and I'd be too worried about. Sure, you want to keep continuity if you can, but I just don't think these roster cuts are that difficult this year.

Rob: I think you have to look at the defensive line first. I said this on one of our shows back in Oxnard: last year the Cowboys had 10 defensive linemen on the initial 53 and this year there's at least 12 guys you can see making an NFL roster. That's the toughest position to figure out, in my opinion. I don't know exactly how it will shake out, but I will say that the waiver process isn't always as risky as you think. I agree there are a lot of talented young guys, and that's partially due to a deep draft from the extra COVID year of college eligibility. But most teams in the league believe they have more capable players than they can keep on the 53.

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