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Mailbag: Trying to Find Mukuamu's Best Position?


When he was drafted, Israel Mukuamu told the team he would be the best cornerback they picked … right before they made him a safety. After the way he played at corner the last few games of 2022 when the team was trying to fill the void opposite Trevon Diggs, do you think they will give him a shot in 2023 or keep him at safety? Where do you think his best position is? Robert Leclerc/Prince George, BC

Patrik: Patrik: I've wanted to see Mukuamu get his shot at corner before he actually did, in the aforementioned postseason, and you saw why. He's long and rangy but also quick enough to get to the spot and physical enough to halt YAC — essentially helping to keep Tom Brady at …bay …in Tampa. That said, I do believe that if the Cowboys felt he was to remain at CB, they wouldn't have traded for Stephon Gilmore AND traded up for Eric Scott, Jr. and, for what it's worth, Mukuamu is still listed as a safety on the roster. I'm sure he'll get some CB looks in camp to keep him ready in the event he has to step in again at that position, but there's more talented depth at CB than there is at safety right now, and so I think they keep Mukuamu at the third level.

Nick Harris: While I do love Israel Mukuamu's length and change of direction as a potential boundary corner better than safety or anywhere else in the secondary, the current layout of the Cowboys' secondary doesn't necessarily favor Mukuamu getting that look at corner. If injuries do build up, I'd like to see him get his full shot at corner similar to how he did in the latter stages of 2022. However, his length could end up being more beneficial at safety, and given his offseason work with renowned defensive back trainer Jacory Nichols, he will be prepared for any position in the secondary.

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