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Mailbag: Trying To Work A Mid-Summer Trade?


I don't know if these rumors are true about the Cowboys trying to trade Jaylon and/or LVE this offseason. While it sounds like they might have too many LBs right now, given the injury history of LVE and Neal and how Jaylon played last year and the rookies are still rookies, is it smart to make any moves right now? Can you have too many linebackers? — Paul Harding / Gilbert, AZ

Nick: I tend to agree with your last two sentences. Sure, it sounds like the Cowboys might have a lot of good linebackers, but these situations tend to work themselves out. Plus, linebacker isn't like running back where you really only play one at a time and have to trick it up to play two. You can get linebackers all over the field in different packages. Now, to address the trade part. I'm not a fan of trading LVE and I would imagine the Cowboys aren't either. But when you're talking about someone in the final year of his deal, there's always that threat of losing him after the year. So if the offer is right, you have to consider it. That's really no different with any player.

David: Every year, it seems like we fall into the trap of creating problems where there are none. Having a full depth chart is a very good thing, as we saw just last year how much injuries can affect a season. The harsh reality of Jaylon's situation is that the Cowboys have too much invested in him to realistically move him right now. If they were determined to trade him, they probably could – but not for a worthwhile price. I do agree with Nick that you'd have to at least consider a good offer for Vander Esch, but again: how much do you realistically hope to get for a guy with one year remaining on his deal? In my mind, it sounds like a much better idea to keep this roster stocked with quality linebacker depth, as opposed to dealing away players for low prices simply because you're not sure you can play them all.

The Cowboys always seem to have three or four rookie free agents to make the team. I know it's pretty early in the game, but if you had to make a bold prediction to pick one undrafted rookie to make the 53, who would you pick? — Jeffery L. Wright / San Angelo, TX

Nick: Hmm, well that's always a tough one to predict right now. But you're right in that it never fails that a few of them will make it. I'm going to go out and say one of these two rookie running backs make it. Now that you've got preseason games back on the schedule, we know Zeke and Pollard won't do much of anything. That means Rico Dowdle should get plenty of carries but in the second half, I would imagine we will see plenty from JaQuan Hardy and Brendan Knox. Those rookie backs tend to shine. I really haven't seen much from Dowdle to think he's in danger of losing his job, but I'll just play along and answer the question. I'll go with Brendan Knox as my early-June pick to make the team.

David: In a previous mailbag, I mentioned Michigan tight end Nick Eubanks, who I'm definitely excited to watch. But this also feels like a good time to mention Purdue safety Tyler Coyle. Purely from a numbers standpoint, Coyle is competing for a job at one of the thinnest positions on the team. Donovan Wilson seems like a lock to make this roster, and Damontae Kazee also looks very likely to be here. Beyond that, it's anyone's guess what the depth chart looks like. If Coyle plays well this summer, it wouldn't be surprising at all if the front office opted to keep a cheap rookie over an expensive veteran on the back end of the depth chart.

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