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Mailbag: Turning To The Draft For QB?


If it's hard to execute a trade of Dak Prescott, it sounds like you should be searching for the next quarterback in the draft. Maybe a third or fourth rounder could be developed into something. Also, I have to agree with one of your commentators when they say that if a contract isn't signed by March 31 you need to start searching for other option. — RANDY SEEDLE / WAKE VILLAGE, TX

David: I'm the first person to agree with you that the Cowboys need to have this situation sorted out by the time the draft rolls around. But the reason I think that is because, if they can't get Dak signed long-term by April, they need to be thinking about using a first-round pick on a quarterback. They already developed a fourth-round pick into a star quarterback – his name is Dak Prescott. The odds of doing that again are slim to none. If they don't pay Dak, they need to be ready to invest much bigger assets into finding his replacement.

Rob: If the Cowboys truly believe they can still get a long-term deal done, even if it's not by the draft, then I doubt they'll feel major pressure to draft a quarterback this year, especially with all their other roster needs. The fact still remains that even if he's franchise-tagged again, both sides have until mid-July to work something out. I do think pre-free-agency is the best artificial deadline so they can have a perfect understanding of their cap flexibility. But if Dak gets the tag again by March 9 as a placeholder, they'll have to budget for roughly $38 million anyway. It's a huge number, and at this point we don't know what the cap level is going to be, but that's simply where we are. I don't know for sure that it'll get done this time around, but July 15 is still the big deadline.

I know it's a small sample size but what is the verdict on Connor McGovern so far? Future Pro Bowler, future starter, future backup, or future couch potato? — AL CHOW / TEMPLE CITY, CA

David: I think my verdict on Connor McGovern is that he made the most of the opportunity he got. He seemed to improve as the season went along, and he wasn't a liability. Does that mean he'll grab a starting job in 2021? I'm not so sure. But at the very least he can provide quality depth, and he could slide into the left guard job when Connor Williams' contract is up at this time next year.

Rob: The Cowboys were pleased with the way McGovern stepped in and played. When everyone's healthy, maybe he's not one of the best five linemen right now, but that's OK. We just saw the importance of line depth this season. Joe Looney is set to be a free agent in March, so we'll see what happens there. With McGovern, they have a young player who got some valuable snaps for the future and can step in and play guard or center if needed.

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