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Mailbag: Turpin Replacing Pollard On Kickoffs?


Will KaVontae Turpin's breakout game make the Cowboys consider not only naming him the primary punt returner so CeeDee Lamb can focus on offense, but also the kickoff returner instead of Tony Pollard? — MJ Reynolds, DALLAS, TX

Nick: I did think of that Saturday night as well. Punt return is fine but it's not like Pollard wasn't really good, too. The Cowboys have tried to get the ball in his hands more kickoff is one to do it. But I also think Turpin proved he needs a shot as well. Hopefully Pollard gets the offensive touches we're all expecting. Personally, I want to see more of Turpin as a returner.

Rob: Great question, and I think it's possible for a couple reasons. One, if Tony Pollard really, truly has a larger role on offense this season, then maybe they'd want him to focus there (same logic as Lamb as the No. 1 receiver). Two, if Turpin is going to take not only a 53-man roster spot but a gameday roster spot each week, then maybe they give him multiple things to do. Oh, and three: he's clearly dynamic at it.

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