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Mailbag: Underrated Part Of Randy Gregory's Game?


One thing I noticed about Randy Gregory last season, and even before he was suspended in 2019, is that he is a very good run defender at his position. Why do people only talk about his pass rushing skills? I see a really well-rounded edge player capable of playing and dominating the game regardless of the down and distance. — CHET HORTON / NEW HAVEN, WV

Rob: To your point, Pro Football Focus gave Gregory the second-best run defense rating on the Cowboys' defense (79.4) last season, just behind DeMarcus Lawrence (79.7). It's probably not talked about that much because his primary job description over the years has been rushing the quarterback in clear passing situations. It's his greatest talent, but I agree with you that he's developing into a complete player. It'll be interesting to see how he does with more than the part-time snaps he got in 2020.

Jonny: I think that's just how people tend to talk about defensive ends. It's just easier for a casual fan to Google an edge rusher's sack numbers and determine their value that way. But I agree that Gregory has looked good against the run (although it's not a huge sample size) and that shows good discipline. But if he develops in the run game and gets to the quarterback then people will start giving him credit for both. Some edge rushers get the "great all-around player" tag. They just have to be really great for some people to notice.

Why is Darren Woodson still not in the Hall of Fame? I honestly have no clue how the all-time tackler in Cowboys history with three Super Bowl rings, not to mention one of the hardest hitters in the game, is not in there? He should be in the Hall of Fame hands down. — RICHEY JOHNSTON / ROWLETT, TX

Rob: 100% agree. One thing I would add, something I believe separates Woodson from Canton-bound John Lynch, is Woodson's ability to move into the slot and cover wide receivers. Such a versatile player. The Cowboys haven't had a safety with Woodson's complete skill set since he retired after the 2004 season. We're putting together a top-10 list of Cowboys legends deserving of Canton, and believe me, Woodson will be on there.

Jonny: I tend to agree. I think the problem is that his winning and his prime don't exactly line up perfectly. He became one of the best safeties in the league after the team started to decline. But obviously he was good enough to help a team win three Super Bowls. And if you take everything as one, then I do think he's Hall of Fame worthy.

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