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Mailbag: Update On Sewo; Draft Need Priority List?


Seeing the Cowboys sign fullback Ryan Nall brings to mind: How is Sewo Olonilua's injury recovery going? I was impressed with his size and athleticism during last year's camp. — NES NESTLE / VANDALIA, OH

Nick: Yeah, Sewo's injury was definitely a setback for him, esepcially8 for the timing. He was ready to play a lot in the preseason games and then it didn't happen. Now, I'm not sure I'm ready to jump on board with the notion that he was "definitely going to make the team" had he not been hurt. I've seen that written and heard it said a lot and I'm not sure that's accurate. But it would've been interesting. I think Sewo is in the mix again this year and don't forget Nick Ralston, who played in four games last season, but spent the rest on the practice squad.

David: Sewo actually said on Twitter just the other day that the opportunity is definitely there, he just needs to take advantage of it. It seems like the recovery is going well, and I agree with you. He moved awfully well for a guy his size. I wouldn't let that stop me from drafting a running back this year, but I'm hoping he'll be around to compete for playing time at training camp.

If the team wants to come out of the first four rounds with a wide receiver, defensive lineman, linebacker and offensive lineman, what order would they need to make the picks to: 1) avoid reaching and 2) get the best possible players? — ROBERT LECLERC / PRINCE GEORGE BC

Nick: Interesting question and while it's not always that simple (because some needs are greater than others), I'll play along. I think it starts with the O-line, but that's only if there are starting-quality players available at No. 24. If the big guys are gone and you're just taking the next-best lineman, then it's a reach. I think they can get a plug-and-play O-lineman in the first round. Next, I think it's wide receiver. As it stands right now, that pick is probably going to have to play right away with Gallup still banged up. I'll say linebacker next because of depth and the ability to move Micah Parsons around more if there is help behind him and then defensive line. However, and it's a big however, D-line might be last on my list but trust me when I say that if a pass-rusher falls to them at No. 24, that could be the pick, regardless who is on the board.

David: I think they'll have options at all of those positions, but in my opinion offensive line is the spot where they'd be best off snagging a first-round talent. I'm just not sure I see the depth otherwise. I don't love the depth at edge rusher, but that's pretty much an annual problem. I do think there are a lot of intriguing defensive tackles, if they want one. Receiver and linebacker both look like spots where you could find great value as late as the fourth round. So, if I'm putting it in order, I'd probably say: offensive line, defensive line, receiver, linebacker.

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