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Mailbag: Update On The International Prospect?


How's our local boy doing, Isaac Alarcon No. 60, in training camp? — BALTA GARZA / MONTERREY, MEXICO

Rob: Working hard with the reps he's getting. The speed of the NFL game is an adjustment for him, and there's a lot of information to digest in a short period of time with this truncated camp. But the league's International Pathway Program is a great chance to him to continue his development into the season. The Cowboys will have the ability to keep him on the practice squad with an exemption as part of the program.

David: I've been impressed by the little I have seen. He pancaked Neville Gallimore in a goal line rep last week, and he seems to be adjusting well. As Rob mentioned, the Cowboys will be allowed to keep him on the practice squad all year, which is obviously huge for him. If he's already adjusting this well two weeks into training camp, I'm fascinated to see how much a full season of practice could help him.

Being that Sewo Olonilua is the only fullback in camp I was wondering how he was performing so far? — FRED LONDON / MORRISTOWN, TN

Rob: Well, at 240 pounds he has the frame to transition to a lead blocker role. Running backs coach Skip Peete said he did a nice job in the short yardage/goal line period a few days ago. Focusing on getting his pads lower because he's taller than most running backs at 6-foot-3.

David: I have to be honest. In the reps I've watched, I've seen Sewo do more as a running back than a fullback. That doesn't mean he can't do the job, it's just that I haven't seen much of it with my own eyes. We know Mike McCarthy enjoys keeping a fullback, so that should work in his favor. I do wonder though: perhaps the coaching staff would rather use a tight end to fill that H-back/fullback role and go light at the running back position? Just a thought.

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