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Mailbag: Updates On The Marquez White Situation?




Why has a report on Marquez White, that happened last October, come up now? Will this distract him in this upcoming year and cause a suspension?

Bryan: We're gathering information now, but it sounds like it was an administrative issue that he's having to work through. At this time, it doesn't sound like it is going to keep him from doing his job. 

David: It's hard for me to guess at the upshot of all this, but I've got to assume that it's a bit distracting any time you're wrapped up in a legal matter. It's hard to know what to expect beyond that, but we'll keep an eye on it.


If we keep the cap situation largely as is, we have some big space next offseason to play with. Re-signings of players currently on the team next offseason likely won't put a huge hit on that year's salary cap, so what position do you see the Cowboys could grab a difference maker finally having the space to do so?

Bryan: I'd keep an eye on the safety spot. They will likely be able to draft the other positions but safety is a hard position to find that way. 

David: For starters, I don't expect the Cowboys to start throwing around a ton of money just because they can. They got away from that strategy for a reason. If they do decide to make a larger free agent signing, though, wide receiver wouldn't surprise me – especially if the receivers disappoint in 2017. They tried to throw money at Sammy Watkins this year and fell short. They might be willing to spend there if they think they need to.

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