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Mailbag: Upgrade On D-Line? Current Cap Space?


I will admit I know nothing of the newly signed Christian Covington. However, is he a "for sure" upgrade over Datone Jones and/or Caraun Reid, both of whom are still unsigned but both of whom seemed to play better than already re-signed DT Daniel Ross? What's your take on all four?A. KAPLAN

Rob: It remains to be seen how much the Cowboys upgraded production here, but they like Covington's versatility. He's probably best fit as a three-technique in this scheme, but he played multiple spots in Houston's 3-4 defense. And he's only 25. I thought Reid added something to the rotation last year. Jones is versatile and experienced, too, but injuries held him back.

Bryan: I'll have a report on Christian Convington this afternoon on the site. They know they have to be better inside and he's just a start to adding some guys through the draft. 


I'm confused – at the end of the 2018 season the reports were saying the Cowboys were going to have something like $50 million in cap space. Now I'm reading we're at around $19 million or so. Have we already budgeted for DeMarcus Lawrence? Will we have enough to get him signed along with extending Amari Cooper, Byron Jones and Dak? - DANNY ANZALDUA / PHOENIX, AZ

Rob: It's hard to put a concrete number like $50 million as their actual cap space because yes, they absolutely budget for future extensions like Lawrence and others who might get one down the line, as you mentioned. Plus they've got to account for their 2019 draft class. But they can get guys re-signed and they can also get more things done in free agency if they choose.

Bryan: That space is always accounted for. The cap guys laugh when they see the media reporting certain numbers and how much space they have. My gut feeling is that you get Lawrence and Prescott done before the season and the others before 2020.

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