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Mailbag: Value Of Position Flex? Kavon Frazier & The Outlook At Safety?



Lots of talk about the of just about every one in the secondary moving around to get the best. I agree that some flexibility is critical for your backups, but do you think position flex has been too highly rated here?

Bryan: That's an interesting question. I wouldn't say too highly overrated but I am starting to believe that trying to settle these players, especially these kids in the secondary needs to become a priority. We're now 48 games into Byron Jones career and we're still trying to figure out his best spot. I am concerned that could happen with some other players, as well. My hope that with Kris Richard now in the mix that we can start to see things stabilize. 

David:I think you hit the nail on the head. You want your backups to be flexible. It's great that a guy like Joe Looney can play both guard and center. But when you're looking at starters, it sure would be nice if they were great at one thing, rather than serviceable at multiple things.



I really liked what I saw out of Kavon Frazier as his snap count increased last season.  What do you see as his role going forward?

Bryan: Goes back to my previous answer in regards to Kris Richard as the secondary coach with some input from Greg Jackson as well. Frazier did some nice things in the secondary, which was a carryover from his work on special teams. If Byron Jones does move back to corner, then Frazier is going to get an opportunity to see more playing time along with Xavier Woods. 

David:I think the Cowboys' activity in the draft is going to tell us a lot about how they see the safety position. They have one solid starter in Jeff Heath. They might be moving Byron Jones to corner. They have Frazier and Woods. And Chidobe Awuzie can also play safety if need be. If the front office feels good that those guys can adequately do the job, then they might not necessarily need safety help in the draft. If they don't, it might be smart to spend a premium pick on the position in order to partner someone with Heath. Their ultimate decision may say a lot about Frazier's future.

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