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Mailbag: Very Early 2020 Record Prediction?


After looking at the 2020 schedule, what is your gut feeling on the team's record this year? Is 12-plus wins unreasonable to think? — J.M. SMITH / SAINT CHARLES, MD

David: It's asinine to try and do a game-by-game breakdown of the schedule. As always, we have no way of accurately predicting who will be good and who will be bad in a league with so much parity. But looking at the slate and the timing of the games, I think it's realistic to think that the Cowboys are good enough to win 12. They're also probably flawed enough to finish 8-8 again. I'll split the difference and guess that they go 10-6 against this schedule.

Rob: I've got them at 11-5. I know 2019 records mean very little, but according to CBS Sports, your Dallas Cowboys' 2020 strength of schedule is the easiest in the NFC (.459). They do catch the Ravens and 49ers in the final month, but they've also got a chance to stack some wins together during a three-game home stand in October. And who knows if the NFC East will be that much improved? By the way, I fully reserve the right to change my mind in four months.

Do you think that the Cowboys are looking at corners like Chido full time at safety, or more of a sub-package plan? I remember Anthony Henry moving to safety in sub-packages years ago to get a high volume of "coverage" players on the field at once. — BRENDAN RAYBUCK / LIVERMORE, CA

David: I'd prefer that over a full-on position move. I simply think it's far too valuable to have a bunch of capable cornerbacks. You never know when guys are going to go down. But if they were to cross-train Chido, or someone else, at safety and allow them to be a bit of a utility man, it could be good for both position groups.

Rob: You remember correctly about Henry, and I think you bring up a good point. Let's see what they do here – perhaps Awuzie or Reggie Robinson don't move to safety full time – but we've all been talking so much about a 'multiple' front seven and I think the same could apply in the secondary to some extent. There's nothing wrong with having players in the back end who can play multiple spots depending on matchups. Just for example, Xavier Woods' first significant role was playing the nickel in coverage before he became the starting free safety. And yes, Awuzie played some safety in college. The Cowboys' staff has some options here.

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