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Mailbag: Very Early Guess At The 2019 Record?


What record would you project for 2019 if our only offseason acquisition was time? A healthy Travis Frederick, improved coaching, a more experienced, cohesive team. If we simply re-sign who we have and nothing more (and assuming a vanilla draft), how do you think we'd fare? With this young roster, I'm optimistic. Early last season, I saw a team that really only lacked a center and a No. 1 WR. - KEVIN WALTHALL / BREMERTON, WA

Bryan: If all factors are the same then this club should once again win nine games. But with some hits in free agency and the draft, that could make the difference between one or two more wins. It won't be easy playing a first-place schedule, and where those games fall could make a difference as well.

Rob: I'd also guess around nine or 10 wins with the same group coming back, but that's why you have to bring in new talent each year. I've seen good Cowboys teams in the past (i.e. 2010) that sort of 'ran it back' with the same group, and it wasn't good enough. Adding competition is important from a motivational and psyche standpoint. I expect them to do that in the draft, at the very least, given Will McClay's track record working with the Joneses.


Just out of curiosity, as we move forward into the offseason, how do roster decisions take place? Meaning, does Will McClay make suggestions on personnel (current roster and prospects) with the help of the scouting department and then run those suggestions by Stephen and Jerry, or are there group consensus war room type meetings that take place leading up to free agency and the draft? - DAVID SMITH

Bryan: I wish fans could be a part of those personnel meetings. That was some of the most fun I had as a scout. The back and forth between the front office, coaches and scouts was tremendous. Those meetings were often very honest and telling into which direction the club was going that spring. Thin skin was not allowed.

Rob: I think it's probably all of the above. The entire front office has draft meetings leading up to the big weekend. In day-to-day roster decisions, McClay and Jason Garrett certainly have a strong voice in determining a course of action with the Jones family. When Garrett calls it a "collaborative" effort, it really is just that.

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