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Mailbag: Was It A Good Call To Move On From Ratliff



With the recent release of Jay Ratliff, do you think the Cowboys made the right move, both financially and player-wise? Also, would you now pursue a veteran such as Richard Seymour to add another veteran player to the defensive line? I think if he's in decent shape, he would be worth a look?

Nick: They still don't have much more than a few dollars on the salary cap. Anything they do has to be cheap. Remember they need to save some dollars down the road for more injuries. Guys that get placed on IR still get paid.

David: I don't think it was the ideal move to let him go, because I think he'll be able to play again and I think he would have been great as a 4-3 defensive tackle. But sometimes you have to cut bait, and I think it was the right call with all the weirdness that's surrounded the situation the last six to eight months. If the Cowboys add anyone else to the defensive line, I'm pretty doubtful it will be a "name" player.


Will the Dallas cornerbacks be able to handle the Eagles wide receivers? It's going to take eight in the box to stop LeSean McCoy.

Nick: I don't think you'll see eight in the box every play. The Cowboys will mix that up just like they change up different blitzes and schemes. It's never one or two things they'll do. But to answer the question, it's a good one. Riley Cooper gave Morris Claiborne big problems last year. DeSean Jackson has always given the Cowboys fits. So you're right about that matchup being important. We know McCoy will make plays, but if they can limit the WRs from going off, you can deal with McCoy. [embedded_ad]

David: Even as well as he's played the last few weeks, I'm not sure I'd put Brandon Carr one-on-one with DeSean Jackson for 60-70 snaps. I think Orlando Scandrick has the speed to help with that. I also think that, given that the Cowboys coaches don't seem to trust J.J. Wilcox in coverage, perhaps the youngster can help the corners double Jackson. If they can handle Jackson, though, I don't think any of the other Eagles receivers will be too big of a problem – which should free up the defense to focus on McCoy.

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