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Mailbag: Was Tony Fiammetta Doing A Better Job At Fullback?


Is the change at fullback a big reason why DeMarco Murray has not been as successful yet this season? Was Tony Fiammetta doing a better job as fullback last season?

Nick: It seemed Fiammetta was doing a better job than Vickers. He stood out more than Vickers has so far. I'm sure there are plenty of reasons for the lack of success, and the Rams not being on the schedule yet is part of it. If you look at the defenses the Cowboys have played, they might have three of the more athletic ones in the NFC in the Giants, Seahawks and Bucs. Time will tell on that, but I would say in answering your question, Fiammetta seemed more productive.

Rowan: The offensive line has more to do with Murray's lack of success the last couple weeks. He seemed to do a pretty good job with 131 yards in the opener. Another cause for that is the penalties the Cowboys are committing keep putting them in binds and positions where they have to almost abandon the running game. That said, I think a lot of people expected Lawrence Vickers to provide more holes in the running game. He doesn't seem to be opening much up, but I don't think he's the biggest reason for the lack of ground success.


Why not bring Brodney Pool back? Is Eric Frampton's signing just cheap fix?

Nick: I think they were doing Pool a favor by giving him another shot. Rob Ryan and Jerome Henderson coached him before and gave him a chance to show what he could do. He was so excited about the opportunity that he showed up out of shape to camp and couldn't pass the conditioning test. He wasn't very good on the field when he finally started practicing. And all that did was confirm what most of the coaches and scouts in the building were saying about Pool when he signed. So he's not a good option there. I don't know if Frampton is, but bringing Pool back seems like a bad move.

Rowan: If Pool, who failed his conditioning test, was a viable option at safety, he wouldn't have been cut before the preseason even began. The Cowboys clearly didn't like what they saw out of him, so much so that a progressing Barry Church won the job before a game was ever played. Though Frampton's never started, he at least has some NFL experience. Truth is, at this point in the season there's not a whole lot available. They must have liked something they saw from Frampton to add depth, but it could mean they're content with what they have.

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