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Mailbag: Weighing In On The Zeke-Ramsey Debate? Drafting DT Early?



Knowing that defenses win championships, in the 2016 NFL Draft would it have been better to draft Jalen Ramsey knowing now that he is playing well and have picked another suitable running back? The Cowboys have proven that any back (McFadden) can have a productive year.

Bryan: In Philadelphia, they're hoping that you're right, because without a quarterback they're dead. I have no problem with the Elliott pick because he helps this defense just as much as Ramsey would have. To prove my point, Rod Marinelli had to sign off on the selection and he had no problem with it. As good as Ramsey has been for Jacksonville, Elliott has done the same. Just running Morris or McFadden is not the same and you saw how opponents played this offense without him in the lineup. They did the right thing and there's kids in the secondary will prove that. 

David:People are going to have fun debating this for the next decade, but it honestly looks like both teams made good picks. Zeke has 2,614 rushing yards in just 25 games of work. He's the identity of this offense and helps make this one of the most explosive units in the league. Ramsey looks to be the next great lockdown corner in the NFL. The Cowboys may have found another quality running back later in the draft, but I think Zeke makes a genuine difference. Ramsey is a great player, but it's not enough to make me second-guess the decision.



I really like the idea of spending more premium picks on the defensive line, specifically the interior. I know that isn't Marinelli's style, but how would you feel about a guy like Vita Vea?

Bryan: I think he would be outstanding but you also have to consider where is the best position for Maliek Collins? They tried him at the three-technique and it just wasn't as good. When they moved him back to the one-technique, he was a better player. Where Vea could come into play is if they get to their pick and they're wiped out. This is where that decision might be made. 

David:It's hard to argue that defensive tackle isn't a need for this team – especially since we don't yet know what's going to happen with David Irving. Vea is one of the most intriguing talents that I've watched so far in this draft process, but I think this coaching staff would be far more likely to draft a three-technique than a nose tackle in the first round.

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