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Mailbag: What are expectations for Lance?


It sounds like most people are happy about the Trey Lance trade, but what should we really expect from him here? While the value seems good, I don't totally understand the move. – Bobby Jennings/Rockwall, TX

Kurt: I have to admit that I don't totally understand the move either. I do think they got good value in the deal and now have a young quarterback to develop, but both he and Dak Prescott will be unrestricted free agents after the 2024 season. And Dak isn't going anywhere unless the Cowboys are fine taking take a huge cap hit, so they'll extend their star quarterback with a multi-year contract that will surely include another no-trade clause. So where does that leave the expectations for Lance? It seems doubtful he'll see any snaps this season, and again, as long as Prescott is healthy, Lance won't see many next year either. Consequently, not knowing for sure what he can do on the field, will any team be willing to trade for him or sign him to a free agent deal that would bring back equal draft compensation? What's the end game here? Long-term backup? On top of that, here is perhaps my biggest immediate concern – drama. The Cowboys are all-in this year. The window is now. But what happens when Prescott, who wasn't exactly jumping for joy when discussing it after the game on Saturday, throws a pick or two. With Lance's high profile, will the wolves come howling for him to be given a chance? Does this team need that extra layer of drama when so much is riding on this season? With that said, considering the front office has obviously done a masterful job of building this roster, trust in the process is definitely merited, leaving us to hope their run of great moves continues.

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