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Mailbag: What Are The Chances Leary Starts At Guard?



What are the chances Ronald Leary will crack the starting lineup, or will he be a reserve this year?

Nick: Well, he might be the starter all year long if every guard on this team gets hurt. Once Livings and Bernadeau return, it'll be interesting to see how they stack up with Leary. But he's going to get every chance to win the job if he stays healthy and plays in the preseason games. Personally, I think the veterans will win out.

Rowan: The chances aren't bad, and I'd venture to guess that he'll be a starter this year at guard. Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau just haven't been able to stay healthy, and once again neither player is on the field right now. Leary's played mostly at left guard and looks pretty good early here in camp. I think he's played well enough to crack the starting lineup.


How many of our newest draft picks do you see making the team? Can all of them make it?

Nick: Not only did I think all draft picks make the team, I can see all of them being active against the Giants in Week 1. If there is one player who might not be active, it could be B.W. Webb. Everyone else I see making the team and having a role. Holloman and Wilcox will probably be special teams players and Randle should be active, too. Webb might sneak onto special teams, too. So to answer the question, yes I see them doing well and making the team.


Rowan: I'd be surprised if one of them didn't. Some people questioned why the Cowboys would draft another tight end or another linebacker with other positions of need still out there, but it looks early on like all of them can play and contribute immediately. They've added some serious depth at certain positions, though the offensive line could probably use some of that right now.

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