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Mailbag: What Caused Mincey's Holdout? Young RB Candidates?


Do either Lache Seastrunk or Gus Johnson have a legitimate shot at making the final roster? Why or why not?

Rob:Both guys have talent, or they wouldn't be here, but the practice squad looks like the most realistic destination. I look at it this way: Lance Dunbar has been on the team for three years, and they're still looking for ways to get him involved. If things go as planned, Dunbar's the third back and possibly the kick and/or punt returner.

David: I wouldn't want to rule it out entirely, but I'm going to go ahead and say no – not a legitimate shot. The coaching staff feels very good about the top trio of Randle, McFadden and Dunbar. On top of that, they have two fullbacks practicing at camp, which is a telling indicator that they intend to keep one. That gives them four. It's not impossible, but that's a steep challenge for either of the newcomers to deal with.


I am curious: Where do players get their advice to ask for a contract extension?  Why would Jeremy Mincey decide to go through OTAs and then right before camp decide to hold out?

Rob: Apparently Mincey's been looking for a tweak to his contract for a while now, and when it didn't get done by training camp, he tried what Orlando Scandrick did in OTAs: He stayed home with hopes it would get talks moving. The difference is, Scandrick didn't stand to lose money daily. And the Cowboys certainly haven't seemed willing to discuss even the possibility of a contract adjustment until Mincey gets back into practice. As of Sunday morning, he's at least back on campus.

David:That's a good question, and it's one that Mincey will undoubtedly be asked to answer when he speaks to the media for the first time. It could have been his intention all along. Or perhaps it's something he decided to do once he saw the team extend Orlando Scandrick. Unfortunately, it's not a question we can answer adequately without speaking to Mincey.

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