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Mailbag: What changed with O-line vs. Rams?


After a horrific start and a game-ending injury to Chuma Edoga, the offensive line not only survived, but flourished against the Rams. What happened here? Was it movement from Dak Prescott? Smart play-calling? Better effort? Whatever it was, I wish they could bottle it up and use it when needed.Les Hoffman/Pell City, AL

Nick Harris: I don't think it was necessarily a schematic change or anything that was added after the rough start, I think it was more so settling in up front with the athletic pass rush group that the Rams have. All five up front generated initial push and allowed time for Dak Prescott, and when they didn't, Dak was able to utilize his legs similar to how we saw against the Chargers. Prescott is really starting to find a rhythm with pressure in his face, and it's leading towards offensive production and more of a safety net for the offensive line up front.

Patrik: The correct answer here is D. All of the above. I'm right there with you on this. Watching the first four plays of the opening drive, I sat back and shook my head. I figured we were in for a long, long afternoon. But, lo and behold, the effort and communication along the offensive line improved drastically, and Prescott was then using his legs to help them out when the protection broke down at times as the game went along. The play-calling was magnificent as well, so kudos to all involved because it truly was a situation wherein the OL improved and helped Prescott, who then used his legs to help his OL, while Mike McCarthy (and the offensive playmakers) helped the entire situation. As long as that all continues, they'll be in good shape, but up next comes the biggest test this season for the O-line; and we don't yet know if Tyron Smith will take the field but, if he doesn't, Edoga has proven himself capable.

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