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Mailbag: What constitutes a 'quality' win?


We've heard a lot of talk about how the Cowboys still have to beat a good team, which got me to thinking, what is your measuring stick for a "quality" win? Is beating a bad Commanders team by 30 points a quality win? How about a tough win over the Seahawks, who now have a .500 record? Or do these quality wins only come when you beat top teams like the Eagles? – Gary Williams/Omaha, NE

Nick Harris: In my opinion, a quality win is a win over a playoff-caliber team and/or a win in a tough road environment. For example, I think the wins against the Chargers, Rams and Seahawks have been quality wins this season. The Cowboys went to SoFi Stadium on a Monday night and took down a team with capable weapons on both sides of the ball and pulled out a late-game victory. Beating the Rams out of the bye week by 23 – again against a team with capable weapons – was a big result. Then, beating the Seahawks in another primetime slot was big, especially given how they had to pull that one out late as well. Down the stretch, the next four games will give the Cowboys opportunities to stack better quality wins with the Eagles, Bills, Dolphins and Lions all awaiting in the coming weeks.

Mickey: Now Garry, don't want to sound too much like a coach, but in this NFL any win to me is a "quality" win. First and foremost, you can only beat who they tell you to play, and for the most part the Cowboys have done so, with the lone exception of losing to the Arizona Cardinals. Sure, get what happened in the San Francisco game, but look what the Niners did on the road Sunday to the Eagles. As for the loss on the road to the Eagles, would you then call that a "quality loss" since the Cowboys came within inches, maybe a total of 10 of them, from beating the Eagles at their place. Don't get caught up in what others consider "quality." A win is a win is a win. There is no QW column in the standings last time I looked. Plus, check this out. That the Cowboys beat the 5-7 Chargers keeps them from being 6-6. Beating the Rams is the difference between their current 6-6 or 7-5. Beating Seattle is the difference between from being 6-6 or 7-5. And think about this one, too: Beating the Giants twice is a reason they are 4-8 instead of potentially 6-6.

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