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Mailbag: What Do The Problems Against Washington Mean For Arizona?

Although Tony Romo is clearly a better QB, did it hurt us that he came back, because we abandoned a run game that was working at the end of the game?

Bryan: The offensive coaches did what they thought was right. There were guys that were open on the plays they call. The game film showed that.  The quarterback had a bad game hurt or not. If they don't turn the ball over we are not even talking about any of this. Give the Redskins credit: their plan was good and they executed well, the Cowboys didn't.

David: I'm all for criticizing the decision to throw the ball so much in overtime, because it didn't make a whole lot of sense. I don't have a problem re-inserting Romo, though, because he was medically cleared and he's your best option. You always want your best option available if he's healthy enough to do so. I don't think his return to the game is the cause of the decision making. It's just my opinion, but I honestly just think the Cowboys lost their cool in a pressure-packed situation.

I've played out all the what if's from last night in my mind all day and I am over it now and on to next week. We know Arizona is going to blitz, too. What changes in protection can we expect to see and how do you do it without limiting your offense?

Bryan: I am going into this game thinking that Arizona is not going to blitz as much as you think. If Dallas is going to max protect all game or keep James Hanna in to block, why waste those players on defense? Dallas has the ability to spread the Cardinals out like Denver did and get rid of the ball quickly. They had better think about coverage in this game more than blitzing since you asked me.

David: Shockingly, to me at least, the Cardinals rank last in the league in passing yards allowed per game. They've allowed three of the last quarterbacks they've played to go for more than 350 yards. I think there'll be plays to be made, and I expect the Cowboys to use plenty of quick throws – and like Bryan said, use plenty of extra protection from their tight ends. DeMarco Murray has also been much better in protection this season than he showed on Monday night. I think it's fair to expect him to bounce back in that regard.

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