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Mailbag: What Does Arrest Mean For Terrance Williams? Linebacker Rotation?



With a healthy Sean Lee being a staple at WLB and Leighton Vander Esch being projected to play the middle, do you think that Jaylon Smith, who showed some good things at the MLB spot last season, will get more reps at Sam? What are the differences in playing Sam/Will rather than middle in a defense like the Cowboys run?

Bryan: I would say that initially we'll still see Smith playing as the MIKE with Damien Wilson lining up at SAM. It might not be till training camp that we start to see the transition of Smith to the outside. I personally feel that would be the best spot for him where he could use his length and power to hold up tight ends on the edge plus develop as a Nickel rusher. 

David:I really don't think it's going to be as simple as just transitioning Jaylon Smith to the strong side. The Cowboys' linebacker depth looks pretty solid right now – but that might not necessarily be the case, given Smith's situation and Lee's injury history. I think the Cowboys will want to cross-train Vander Esch on the weak side, and they'll want Smith to get plenty of reps in the middle. I think Jaylon will wind up playing some SAM, but I bet he handles a lot of other duties, as well.



With Terrance Williams' recent arrest could you see the Cowboys opting out of his contract under some personal conduct clause, considering his play last year coupled with the influx of new WRs to the roster?

Bryan: No, I don't. The league would have to suspend him first to gain that benefit and I just don't see them doing that in this case. Williams will be here. 

David:The way I understand it is that the NFL would have to suspend Williams in order for his contract guarantees to be nullified. While this certainly is not a great look for Terrance, I would be a bit surprised if that happens. It has to be disappointing for a coaching staff that is looking for leadership, but I do not expect this team to move on from Terrance when this is all said and done.

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