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Mailbag: What Does Frederick Pick Mean For Costa, Guards?



With the Cowboys using their first pick on center Frederick, what does that mean for Phil Costa? Will he be the center if healthy and Frederick to one of the Guard spots, or is Costa able to move to one of the guard spots while Frederick mans the center position?

Bryan: I believe they are going to try and play Frederick at center first and let him compete with Costa. If he beats him out then that's OK in my book. I believe they are committed to making this work with Bernadeau and Livings going into camp with both being healthy.

Rowan:  I don't see Costa starting at one of the guard spots next year. I think Frederick would be more likely to make the switch, but at least to start out it seems like Frederick will play center. It should make for a healthy competition at center and both guard spots with Mackenzy Bernadeau and Nate Livings. Eventually, the three best players should find the field among those four, along with Ronald Leary.


Guys, is it me or does this JJ Wilcox remind you of Akwasi Owusu-Ansah pick? We know what happened to that 4th round pick.

Bryan: That question shows me that you don't know much about Georgia Southern and their football program. Wilcox plays like he loves football. Owusu-Ansah played like he would have rather been doing a thousand other things. Wilcox is a tough, physical, nasty player, Owusu-Ansah wishes that he had just one of those traits. Not even the same players.

Rowan:Apart from the fact that they're two mid-round safeties from smaller schools than the typical NFL Draft pick, they don't seem very similar. The only downside to Wilcox is his inexperience at the position, but Cowboys coaches could argue that inexperience could be an upside, considering he should be able to progress much further at safety than he [embedded_ad] already has. Secondary coach Jerome Henderson loved Wilcox's hitting ability, particularly for a player who used to play offense. Wilcox was on a ton of radars because of his upside, and if he can develop quickly in the offseason, he should be compete for a starting spot.

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